Fade 12 Hand and Arm

 Fade 12  Hand and Arm   $90



Fade-12  Hand and Arm cream reduces and removes the appearance of age spots on hands and arms.  It features our new, proprietary EpHQuinone Technology, an innovative biomimetic whitening complex that inhibits melanin production at several different key steps and also induces desquamation. 

This is an excellent cream to use at home as a preventative maintenance cream. 

For optimal results, use in conjunction to IPL/SRA treatments or Smoothing Body peel to prevent spots from appearing and/or reappearing.

Directions:  If applied during the day, apply sparingly over hands and arms, allow product to absorb before applying sunscreen.   At night, apply sparingly and allow to absorb.   Initial application should be 2 to 3 times per week, advancing to one to two times per day as tolerated.