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What is PRP?  PRP {Platelet Rich Plasma} is a natural product created from your own body.  A small amount of blood is drawn from you and placed in a sterile tube that is spun 2X (this is key) in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood.   The cells are separated into Platelet Poor plasma and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  The Platelet Rich Plasma is then either:  1) injected by Dr. Cutolo and not combined with any other treatment 2) Combined with Micro-needling and can be injected and/or applied topically 3) Combined with Fractora and can be injected and /or applied topically.  It is all about achieving your goal of having the most youthful skin you can possibly achieve.

The History of PRP: PRP has a long history of being used in orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery, and now its benefits are being applied to other fields of medicine.  It is used in Plastic Surgery/facial rejuvenation, dermatology, and wound healing.  Scientific studies dating back 30 yrs. have documented that PRP grows new collagen and elasticity fibers  when injected into the skin, and newer studies prove that PRP softens sun damage and aging skin issues.

Facts have shown that people who have had the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy find their faces look even better several months after they have had the treatments. That’s because the plasma stimulates their skin’s stem cells to produce more collagen, grow new cells and literally rejuvenate their skin. The new cell growth in your skin generated by the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) takes weeks to months, which is why it looks so much better after more time passes. Botox and other filler treatments break down with time, but the Platelet Rich Plasma lasts and looks better in time!

Because platelets are cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells, the PRP, that is injected into specific areas of the skin, act as a matrix that promotes your own collagen to grow, regenerate tissue, and thus naturally smoothes and tightens the skin.  In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone.

.How does PRP differ from other injections or fillers? Fillers such as Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, and Voluma are composed of solid materials that fill lines and skin folds. These fillers are excellent to immediately soften deeper lines such as the folds around the mouth/eye/temple area, or to plump lips.  The results are visible but temporary.  PRP stimulates your own collagen to grow for a total facial rejuvenation rather than individual wrinkle improvement.   

Fillers can be used with PRP, as the two types of treatments are meant for different purposes.  They supplement each other to give the best final outcome and a more youthful look!  Fillers, fill in specific lines and folds; PRP improves overall skin tone and texture.  PRP acts to improve overall quality, tightness, and texture of the skin rather than filling individual deeper wrinkles.

What to expect during the PRP procedure:

You skin will be cleansed and prepared for treatment (either topically or locally). A small amount o blood will be drawn from you, spun in a centrifuge for separation. Aftercare will be discussed.   If you opt to combine micro-needling with PRP, the PRP will be injected and/or massaged into the skin after being penetrated with a micro-needling device (Dermapen or Fractora). Aftercare will be discussed but expect mild swelling, redness, or bruising should fade within 1-5 days depending on the combination of treatments. 

The goal of PRP: The goal of PRP is skin rejuvenation to improve the tone and texture, tighten skin, soften lines and pores.  Results begin to show 3-4 weeks after the treatment session and should improve with time (providing your skin care regime is correct).  You can do more treatments if desired. Spaced 1 – 3 months apart.  It is recommended to space the treatments based on your and goals.