Facial Enhancers
LED light therapy



 A Spa Above's amazing "Rejuva-light  (LED)" is an effective, relaxing, comfortable process that allows deep penetration into soft tissue, which initiates many photobiological effects.  Using one of the seven functions, "Rejuva-light" improves cells, increases collagen, improves acne, smoothes scars, improves swollen conditions, improves pigmentation, calms skin inflammations, accelerate recovery time, relieve muscle tension,  and purge bodily toxins by increasing the rate of blood flow, bringing more nutrients and vitamins to the whole body.   A benefit to any of our treatments!  A benefit to you!    

Rx:  All skin types and conditions.  Not suitable for clients with epilepsy, photo-allergic or on medication that causes light sensitivity, such as Tetracycline